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Famous men like Keanu Reeves dating obviously aging woman is still shocking to us

She appeared as if their mom, they stated. She seemed a great deal over the age of her age. Each of them had been completely mismatched. As well as on and on

There’s a moreishly catty joke that is running the net that Leonardo DiCaprio is not capable of dating ladies anywhere close to his or her own age. “Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriends deserve a” that is future one indication at current climate protests. A graph produced by one diligent sleuth revealed that, at 44, he could be yet to date a lady older than 25. He’s maybe maybe maybe not, needless to say, the sole ageing celebrity man to produce a noticeable choice for females that have yet to purchase a decent night cream.

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Recently Dennis Quaid, 65, hitched a 26 year old woman, [...]

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