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Anchorage systems — Deep Dive Systems

Anchorage systems

The high quality and innovative anchorage systems are one of the main products offered by Deep Dive Systems. They are all designed according to the newest technology and are manufactured from premium materials.

The anchoring systems are designed, delivered and installed after drafting a comprehensive concept consistent with the requirements of customer needs. The paramount considerations when determining the type and way of installation are the purpose of the facilities, the weather conditions, and the characteristics of the installation site.

An example of such anchorage system was the one specifically created by Deep Dive Systems for the project ‘The Floating Piers’. Relying on many years of professional experience and despite the complex structure of the bottom, Rosen JELIAZKOV built underwater systems with capacity of holding more than 200 five-tonne anchors to their position with an accuracy of 10 centimeters.

The operations were quite demanding because they were performed at a significant depth reaching 92 meters at times and bottom slope varying up to 50 degrees. The Dyneema ropes connecting the pontoons with anchors were specially manufactured in an Italian factory. They were installed at a tilt angle of 38 degrees and had a load-bearing capacity of 20 tonnes.

The key element of the anchorage systems was the innovative Predator, 200 of which were made in Bulgarian and Italian factories. The Predator was equipped with metal teeth that were driven firmly into the bottom of the lake to prevent sliding.

The building of an anchorage system for the pontoons around the island of San Paolo was one of the most complex tasks of ‘The Floating Piers’ project. The underwater system of piles allowed movement of the pontoons only in the vertical direction. The final installation also included two types of anchoring systems –  a vertical counterweight system and a diagonal one with elastic rods Hazelett. They held the pontoons upright and stable even on occasions of heavy waves without losing the floating effect.

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