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ROV — Deep Dive Systems

Typical ROV operations include:

  • Inspection, survey and digital video and still photos
  • CP measurements of subsea components
  • Water jetting
  • Cutting operations
  • Lay support / touch down monitoring / dredging monitoring
  • Marina and dock wall inspection
  • Dam and breakwater visual Inspection
  • Diving and ROV assistance
  • Enviromental Work
  • Fish Farming Survey
  • Subsea Valve and Flange Inspection
  • Debris sweeps and ordnance detection
  • Salvage assistance
  • On board vessel processing, reporting and charting
  • Survey Support
  • Platform and structural inspection
  • Hull inspection
  • Coastal and inshore operations

The Pro 4 Plus BASE system includes a Pro 4 submersible, Pro 4 Integrated Control Box (ICB) with a high performance Dell computer loaded with VideoRay Cockpit control software, secondary 15″ Hi-Bright daylight viewable display, and an industrial hand controller. This system has enhanced processing power and is BlueView sonar ready (sonar not included).

The VideoRay Pro 4 is the culmination of over a decade of ROV design and development. Building off the success of the VideoRay Pro 3 model, the Pro 4 incorporates the latest in small ROV design and technology making it the most advanced, capable, and versatile small ROV on the market today. Completely computer driven by a sleek, intuitive, and powerful new software platform called VideoRay Cockpit, the Pro 4 is more advanced than anything else offered in its class. With the Pro 4 ROV hardware in position, incorporating new features such as vehicle autonomous control, the latest imaging sonar and positioning hardware and software, or a variety of other sensors and tools developed around the size and capability of the Pro 4 couldn’t be easier. Following VideoRay’s proven ideals of making the ROV systems and accessories “plug and play”, capabilities can be added or subtracted with either a simple software update or a quick hardware add on in the eld – all without the system being sent back to the factory.

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