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Underwater construction and repair works — Deep Dive Systems

Underwater construction and repair works

Deep Dive Systems performs various subsea operations associated with construction works and installation. We work with specialized high-tech hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Among the expert services offered by us are:

  • Cutting -the technology of thermal cutting allows quick and efficient cutting, piercing and gouging of metal under water. The service is offered for underwater construction works, repairs, planned maintenance, the dismantling and demolition of various underwater structures (pontoons, piers, bridges, dams, etc.).
  • Welding – the technology allows welding of the parts directly underwater, which often saves time, money and efforts. Welding is needed for elements of boat hulls, docks, pipelines, reservoirs, hydropower stations and others.
  • Drilling – special pneumatic and hydraulic tools are used. Our systems are capable of drilling various materials: metal, rock, concrete, and wood, each one requiring different equipment and drilling technique. Subsea drilling can be needed for many purposes such as: installation and repairs of anchors, ropes, securing and fastening the hydro-engineering facilities, etc.
  • Underwater Concreting – it is widely used in marine construction for the purpose of strengthening and stabilizing the coastal and harbor structures. The service requires highly-experienced divers and precise preliminary planning. When pouring the concrete underwater, the visibility is often low, so the method of laying and the content of the concrete mix must be carefully selected before starting the process. Concreting is needed when laying underwater foundations and slabs as well as for coatings of pipelines, strengthening of banks and embankments and others.
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