Bathymetry and 3D scanning of the bottom

Deep Dive Systems activities include bathymetry and 3D scanning of the bottom for a precise hydrographic and topographic survey of the underwater landscape. The company works with certified first-class equipment specialized for scanning the bottom for detailed bathymetry data and 3D models, diving gears, equipment for underwater videography; the company operates its own vessels as well as a specialized barge for performing deep-water work.

The obtained bathymetry data is used mainly to secure the shipping navigation. The comprehensive and detailed 3D recording and surveying of the water facilities and equipment saves time, labor and resources. This technology, on the one hand, significantly improves the quality and efficiency in the study of the hydraulic, geomorphological and ecological processes in the water basins and, on the other hand, it facilitates making the most appropriate business decisions related to the facilities and water resources management.

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