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Modular HDPE pontoon systems — Deep Dive Systems

Modular HDPE pontoon systems

Among the main products offered by Deep Dive Systems are the modular pontoon systems made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), and which are produced by our company. Similar modular systems were the ones preferred and used by the world-renowned artist Christo for his project ‘The Floating Piers’ on Lake Iseo, Italy and which already are produced by our company.
The key elements of the floating structure are the high density polyethylene (HDPE) cubes and pins. This polymer is widely used because of its properties which include resistance to chemical corrosion, impact resistance and high strength. Moreover, as it became evident in the process of designing ‘The Floating Piers’ project, the HDPE cubes are extremely lightweight and easy to work with.

The polyethylene cubes are used for building floating pontoons, floating platforms, movable bridges and pathways. This makes them the preferred solution for marinas, breakwaters, floating work platforms and many others.

The modular HDPE pontoon systems avoid the problems encountered with metal, concrete or wooden structures. They are safer because they lack sharp edges and do not have very hard and slippery surfaces.
The pontoon cubes are environmentally friendly and reliable, with easy maintenance. They can be produced in different sizes and colors, as each project requires, which significantly has expanded their application and possible.
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