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Service pedestals for water and electricity — Deep Dive Systems

Service pedestals for water and electricity

Service pedestals providing access to electricity and water are a must for any modern port. Deep Dive Systems is working on many projects of marinas in Bulgaria, and service pedestals are included in the company’s product range. The pedestals imported by Deep Dive Systems into Bulgaria are manufactured by the British company Rolec Services. We offer:
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Electricial pedestals
The Rolec Services electric pedestals are affordable, easy to install and maintain. Different types of pedestals are offered to suit the needs and requirements of a given port. The wide product range includes simple and low-cost WallPod models without payment option as well as high-tech ones such as the AutoCharge Pedestal which enables users to pay.
Water pedestals and water system accessories
Rolec Services offers a variety of systems for supplying water including both metered and non-metered. The systems are designed by the company after considering a number of factors: water consumption diversification, water flow and pressure, materials complying with the local regulations, etc.
Deep Dive Systems imports components for water systems including valves, water meters, pipes, etc.
All products meet the current standards for health, safety and environmental protection.You are welcome to contact us should you need more detailed information about products offered by Rolec Services.

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