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World-famous artist Christo is creating one more floating structure after his amazing art project “Floating piers” in Italy 2 years ago.Now his work enlivens into a magical Mastaba in Serpentine lake in Hyde park, London.“The mastaba is a very ancient form,” Christo explains in front of a journalist from Guardian. “It originated in Mesopotamia at the time humans moved from agricultural societies to urban ones. It became common as the shape of benches outside the first urban Mesopotamian homes. Later it became associated with pharaohs’ tombs.
”The artist chose to work with the team of Deep Dive Systems again. Together they realized “Floating piers” project in Italy in 2016.Deep Dive Systems under the brand of Buldock is taking part in constructing and anchoring of the floating structure. The Mastaba itself is a stack of 55-gallon barrels, numbering 7,506 in all, floating on the lake.Christo`s Mastaba is a modern masterpiece. It is 20m high
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